Bundeena is a Wild Place

 is a beautifully illustrated children's book of verse which explores the native plants, animals and habitats of Bundeena and its surrounds.

Bundeena is a small village located on the southern fringe of Sydney. It is surrounded by the Royal National Park — the world's second oldest national park — and is bordered to the north by Port Hacking and its beaches.

"In producing this book I have combined my love of art and of nature in the hope that children will be encouraged to explore and appreciate the natural environment."

Leily Da Silva, author & illustrator.

Over seventy native animals and plants are illustrated — accompanied by whimsical verse — across twenty-one full colour, large format pages. A detailed index lists all the species. An interactive online reference is available for children, parents and teachers.

Bundeena is a Wild Place is suitable for children of all ages and will serve as an eductional children's reference guide to the flora, fauna and habitats of the southern outskirts of Sydney.

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